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Nachhaltigkeit: Packen wir es an!

Sustainability is much more than just a word. It stands for profound and far-reaching action. It means that the natural resources that are available to people today are treated carefully so that they can continue to be used by future generations.

Traditionally, materials are hand-picked according to various criteria such as environmental protection and sustainability.
On the basis of the renewable raw materials ARBO FORM (liquid wood) from local production and natural rubber, which is obtained exclusively from certified plantations, through the ecologically oriented production processes to the selection of packaging and design materials, it is of course for us traditional company to the future generations to think.

environmental sustainability

  • environmental Protection
  • Conscious use of resources
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • High energy efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly energy sources and resources
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing chain

Economic sustainability

  • Maintaining a functioning economic system
  • Sustainable business
  • Price stability
  • Fair foreign trade
  • Transparency and a sense of responsibility

Social sustainability

  • Conscious handling of staff
  • Creating social equality of opportunity
  • Strengthening expertise and relationships
  • Create and maintain jobs
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